okay, so guys always makes fun of women doing duck faces on their photos but seriously.. what’s up with guys holding dead fishes in their pictures? whyyyy??

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Breaking bad 
Ballpoint pen on paper


Breaking bad
Ballpoint pen on paper

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i wonder how many lives does these people called parents have destroyed? and who gives them the right to be one?

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Don’t be THAT guy.

How great can this love be, to even fall hard on someone you cannot see. Hopefully no time will go to waste or chances to regret, for this space is full of uncertain events.


"Crying from the pain of aspiring something, crying from having nothing to aspire; I wonder which is more difficult."

.Takemoto Yuta, Honey and Clover

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Honey and Clover S01E01

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The weather feels like fall is really here and i’m still on with this stupid lifestyle “pwede na ko mamatay” hahahaha.